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Small Sized Goa may be popular amongst traveler for beaches and parties but it offers more than that. A multi-colored blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures enhances the holiday experience with sun, sea, sand, seafood and spirituality. The uninterrupted shimmering strand of beaches are spread along the Arabian Sea from the tip to toe of the state. It caters to from expansive groomed sands in front of fancy five-star resorts or hidden crescent coves, where the only footprints will be the scuttling crabs and your own.


With its most beautiful snowy peaks and inviting river valleys it becomes a charmer of hearts amongst the travelers from across the globe. It has a lot of adventurous activities to offer such as trekking, paragliding, rafting & skiing. A complex yet mysterious topography of the place makes it more amazing when it can only be explored by bus, cars, bikes or jeep safaris. Every new turn into the valley brings to you a new Pandora’s Box with an amazing world of different customs, gods and even languages. Anyone find solace with its rich culture affected strongly by Buddhism in McLeod Ganj, Lahaul & Spiti. It is called “Dev Bhoomi – The Land of Gods” for a reason.


South India fulfills all the dreams of warmth and color and fairytale beauty. From the huge temple city of Hampi, the intricate architectural jewels of Hoysala temple complex, up to the busy everyday rituals of temples of deepest south stretches a chain of cultural sites. In contrary to these places, Kerala meets all the expectations of a tropical paradise. You can relax for days in the backwaters on a houseboat ,indulge in a Ayurveda or stay at the resorts amid the Cardamom berg characterized by their spice and tea plantations and wildlife parks.



We are strong believers in, which a person’s vacation has many purposes sometimes it can be for pushy friends, sticky relatives, nagging wives or a simple break from monotony. We are the ones which make that happen for you with our well stitched itineraries, hand-picked hotels and above all Great Deals!! What we earn, is your satisfaction & you feeling WOW!!

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